Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A little of this and little of that..

Today Florida finally put to death child rapist/murderer Mark Dean Swabb. 17 years ago he befriended 11 y/o Junny Rio Martinez. He later kidnapped him, tied him up, raped him, murdered him and dumped him off. I must say it is about damn time. Next we have do knock William Cruz off for gunning down 6 people and injuring many others.

Next --- What is for dinner.. I am not in the mood to cook. I am think I am going to fix waffles. What I really want is Bourbon Chicken Rice bowl from Asian Too. OOOoooo that is sooo good.

Well I must go and try and find something to eat.. I am so hungry that My head is starting to hurt.

Oh I forgot. Last night I submitted one of the photos below to one of the local news channels and they put it on the news. They have this thing where views can submit news photos. "See it, snap it and send it".. Yeah. I have not heard about the photography contest at the local photoshop. I will just keep waiting to see..

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Staci said...

That bourbon chicken rice bowl sounds so scrumptious!!