Monday, July 21, 2008

Blog Challenge

How do you store photos that you do no use in scrapbooking?

Everything is usually burned on MULTIPLE CD's. They are the first items packed when evacuating for Hurricanes. The reason they are on multiple disks is because I forget where I burned them. And I keep backing them up Just in case. Yes. I know it is sad.. I am losing my mind already.. But I must say. I have a computer who's power plug broke and there are pictures on here that did not get burned onto a disk. Yeah that sucks.

The funniest thing just happened. My goofy baby I.V. Grace looked at her reflection in the sliding glass window. She scared herself. Yes she started barking at herself. Crazy girl.

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:: gingerkitty :: said...

remain positive in your actions and that is what you will receive. I wish happiness for you.

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Sheri said...

Christy - Have you ever thought of using an external harddrive that is attached to your computer to save your photos on? I have one my space is 500MB (I have 250 of it) as I split w/ my husband (I partitioned the drive). Any case, the 250's MB are cheap and come any may stylish colors; you may want to think about purchasing one that way you know what you have stored and all you have to do is unplug incase of a hurricane. Let me know if you want to know more about them.