Friday, July 18, 2008

Blog Challenge

What's on your mind today? Any big plans this weekend?

Why do I suggest things to my mother. Why???? It is a waste of time because she knows everything. She is havin computer issues. She has created a page of all her passwords on her zip drive. She created this page while she had Microsoft XP, her new computer has vista. So of course they do not work the same. Vista is it's own wild beast. She use to be able to pull up the websites from the document. Of course vista does not work that way. I suggest she bookmark them on Internet explorer. She she replies "I don't want that information out on the web". I bookmark - make it a link saved in your favorites. She says "I like it this way". I reply then stop fussing. Oh my goodness.... Now she is trying to pay the cable bill through the cablebox. Last time this did not turn out so great. yeeeekk...

As for plans. I thought about going to the scrapbook store today to work on some of my pages. Except I don't have my pictures yet. Maybe the mailman will come early. Then I can go and park my butt and get some scrapping done. I would love to drive over to Orlando and go shopping but money is a little too tight right now. Yesterday. I did make it to the cemetery but did not find the gravesite. First off I picked the day they are mowing and Second it started clouding up like it was going to rain. I did take over 100 photos and I am in the process of uploading those to Then I ran by the office. Then to the bank to deposit some money - of course the ATM is down. I drove to another branch - close to Michael's Crafts. They have updated there ATM at that Branch. Instead of inserting your envelope into the machine. It wants you to put in each check or each individual bill. It is freaky. You feel like it is eating it. It scans it then deposited the money right in to the account. So then I head to Michael's Crafts for shopping. I found this HUGE coffee cup you can decorate . I bought it because we have a new doctor in the office who drinks coffee like water. He is also a HUGE Superman fan. I found these stickers to decorate it. Here is the finished product next to a regular coffee cup.

I hope he likes it. I have to coat itsomething to seal it so the stickers will not peal off. Then I headed off to JoAnn's. These are places I have not been able to visit in a while. My day off and I am going where I want to... On my way there I noticed a spotted fire truck. Apparently we are getting a Firehouse Subs not far from work. Isn't it cute. Too bad the pups were not with me so I could get a picture of my spotted pups with the spotted fire truck. Then I went made it to JoAnn's. Bought a few of thier dollar stamp sets. Then headed to the tag office to renew my tag. Then headed to the scrapbook store and bought a few quickutz dies and other stuff. Then I came home. I got a call to babysit at 715pm. Of course it is for my little men. On my way over there I stopped at Publix to pick up a few things. I was craving a cucumber and the sprinkle covered cookies. I have been eating tooooo much junk food lately and need to stop it. I am going to end up putting the waight I have taken off back on.. Well walking through the produce department and found this beautiful tomato. Truthfully it is called Ugly Ripe.
I think it is cute and it needed a home. Now my mother is eyeing it for a sandwich. It smells great. I do not like tomatos at all but he is just so cute.. I guess this enought babbling. Happy Friday and have a great weekend..

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Janet said...

Wow...that truck is really something!And that is one big tomato!