Saturday, June 14, 2008

Windows rattling.

One disadvantage of living in Brevad County Florida, every few months you get the startle of your life. That is one of the greatest things in life. You know the Space Shuttle has come home. The twin sonic booms not only shakes the windows, scares the dogs, sets off alarms and sends the 911 call center in overdrive. Those sonic booms also cause your heart to skip a beat. You have a habit of living your daily life and forget it is coming home and then you hear the equivalent of an explosion and the dishes & windows shake. Then it hits you, guess who it is home. Welcome home to Discovery and her amazing crew. Job well done.

Shuttle Landing at KSC <-watch the video

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Disney Mummy said...

My in-laws were at the Florida house when the previous mission returned to Earth. FIL said it was like an earthquake hitting and they knew in advance what it was.