Friday, June 27, 2008

State of Florida Vent..

Well Government that is.. Okay you go shopping - To pay for you purchase you pull out a card (Debt or Credit) Most places say Master Card, Visa or Discover (a few say American Express). Not the State of Florida. No They do not take Visa. You guessed it. That is what My debit card and any of the other cards (Except for my Victoria Secret, Dell or Kohls cards). I do not own any other type of card. Which means I had to write a Check.. I have gotten to the point that I hate writing Checks. I love my debt card. I purchase something and it comes right out of my account. Other only check that comes out quickly is My Car Payment. Riverside bank does not play. They have your money out of your before you are out of the parking lot. Okay.. Steping off soap box.

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