Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blog Challenge

Good Morning! For the challenge today: What ridiculous or silly thing have you heard/read about in the news recently?

Well that would be a local story. It did make it on the national news. Teen loses arm to alligator. An 18 y/o idiot jumped into a lake at 2something am and had his arm bitten off by an 11 foot alligator. Yes he was drunk. Oh first of all. This is florida - Alligators live in 99% of the waterways. Why would you jump in it. Next thing. Why are you out at 2am pumping into a lake. Alligators are a lot harder to see at night in the lake. And the last thing - He is 18 y/o he is not suppose to be drinking. But as we all know - An 18y/o Testosterone / Drunk boy is not a great combination. The famos last words in the interviews he has done. "Alcohol did not effect his actions or judgement." Oh my goodness that is the biggest bunch of BS I have every heard. The only people who know the truth are the ones who were sober enough remember the truth of the incident.

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Heather said...

It's unfortunate that alcohol was not a factor in his decision to do this stunt. It just proves what a true idiot he actually is! It's too bad he lost his arm but perhaps he's learned a lesson.