Sunday, November 02, 2003

Day 47

Well, it is Sunday. It is back to work tomorrow after a few days off per the doctor. I still do not feel 100%. Still have times when my asthma is up. I get hot flashes and cold spells. I figure it is just the medicine. We will see. Tomorrow is the last day of it and it will hopefully get better. I wish I had not missed that time because I really would like to go up and see my dad after Christmas.

Diet wise. I need to get cracked on this diet thing. I have 20 pounds to lose by Christmas and that is only 52 days away. I have lost 6 pounds so far. 3 pounds in 4 weeks and 3 pounds being sick. I probably put it all back on do to this wonderful medicine. You have to eat whenever you take it and it makes you hungry anyway. You feel like you need to eat everything in sight. I have been trying to do well but it is hard. I went to the store today and bought stuff to take to work to snack on instead of junk. Like applesauce and peaches for my desk. Hopefully this will help. Now I need to get rid of the cookie dough in the fridge because that is a weakness. I have to get this going, maybe then I will get guys interested in me. Dave said he is not looking for a "relationship" but as I know it is just not with me. Oh well, I will lose all this weight and show him.

Goal: start school in January.

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