Sunday, October 05, 2003

Started on day 20

Well, it is finally the weekend. I know I did not write yesterday but I did not have much to say. I guess I will say it now. I think I have ticked off one of my former partners. He is married and has been bugging me for some oral activity. He can not get it through is head that he is married and I do not mess with men who is married. He had his chance with me and he totally blew me off. His loss. He has the wife that is what she is for. He is now acting real short to me because I won't help him out. He can piss and moan all he wants. I DON'T CARE. Like I said before I am tired of getting walked all over. It drives me bonkers when I talk to him and he acts so jealious if I talk about taking off work and it does not include seeing him. He needs to realize my life goes on without him. Don't get pissy with me if I have plans with someone else, like a guy. It does not mean that I am going to jump in bed with them and why would it matter anyway. I am a single adult female and you are a married man. You have your wife to go home to and cuddle up with, and for me it is an empty bed. It was not a wake up call when I called you on it and gave you a time and place and you backed out because you love her. Don't get pissy and short with me when you can't bring yourself do it. Don't keep harassing me about it if you ain't man enough to do it when you get the offer. What we had was in the past and you have a new future and you chose it without me in it, so you live with it. Welcome to Adulthood and the wonderful world of Marriage.

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